Saturday, January 31, 2009

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Elise turned 7! And it was a great day. It turned out great thanks to my sisters and friends who really helped me out! Elise was completely happy. My sister Kristine made this cute shirt for Elise. It was a free dress day at school and Elise couldn't wait to wear it. My sister Jane made the necklace.
These Bakerella cupcakes pops are so yummy. They are kind of a lot of work but they turn out so cute. Luckily I had some great help -thanks J&K. Warning: they are bite size and it tricks you. You end up eating more than you should.< My neighbor, Jen, took my kids to Jumpin' Jacks for a couple hours after school. I was able to make a visit up the hospital to check on Kenyon. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but they were playing very hard. Thank you Jen and Love boys!! We all thought it was great birthday activity.

My good friend, Aimee, saved the night. She invited us over for a little birthday party for Elise. It was so great. She had decorated her house and made it so fun for Elise. We ordered dinner and let the kids play. 8 kids and 2 adults. It was a great night. We went home tired and happy. The only thing that would have made it better is having Kenyon join in on all the fun.

Seven things I LOVE about Elise:

  1. Her smile and laugh. She loves to giggle.
  2. Elise is really easy to please. She is happy with just about anything.
  3. She is a wonderful sister- especially to Quinn. Elise takes good care of her.
  4. Elise is athletic and loves to try any sport. I love watching her play soccer in the backyard with Kenyon. She is also a great gymnast.
  5. Elise loves learning. She also loves playing school.
  6. Elise loves her friends. She really cares about them and hates to see people have hurt feelings.
  7. Sometimes we butt heads - she can be very stubborn - but she can also be so helpful and cooperative. I love that.

And finally - a Kenyon update - he had a pretty good week. He is feeling his energy coming back and starting to eat. He is slowly adding food back into his diet - toast, rice, noodles, potatoes, etc. Not very exciting but he seems to be tolerating that well. He is also taking his meds orally. We are hoping he will be out of the hospital by Tuesday. The bad news is that it is a slow process to heal from GVHD. He will be back on a lot of meds for a while. The meds include steroids and immune-suppression so we are going to have to really protect our house from those icky winter germs.

We really appreciate the visits, help, and prayers. We feel blessed in so many ways.


Holly C M said...

Elise is practically perfect. (Grandma, here)
So grateful Kenyon is improving.
And I LOVE all of your friends. Each one has done so many wonderful things for you. They may not know I know--but I do, and I get teary-eyed and lumpy-throated as I think of how blessed you are with such great friends. Your sibs have been good, too, as you have mentioned.

Jane said...

what a cute birthday girl. i'm happy to live close and help. those cupcake pops are yum yum. I swear she turned 12, no way can she just be 7. Her sense of style, smarts, humor, and sass are beyond her years.

Malea said...

She's a chip off of the 'ol block, Annie.

McKinlay Family said...

I cannot believe she is seven! She is beautiful. Just like her mama.

Kristine said...

What a cute girl! I'm happy that I live close so that I could help her celebrate her bday.

Hopefully Kenyon comes home soon. I'm happy that he is feeling better!

Steve and Dayna said...

I love Elise!!! She is such a pretty girl- inside and out.

Sounds like she had one perfect birthday- for a perfect girl. Your post was so sweet- you are such a loving mom.

Those bakerella cupcakes had my mouth drooling.. boy are those things yummy.

Glad that things are slowly improving for Kenyon! We love you guys!

Janna said...

She is "practically perfect."

Love you guys!!

Julie said...

Elise is beautiful! I love the little cupcakes! So cute!! I'm glad she had a great day! We continue to pray for Kenyon and your little family! You are amazing! I truly don't know how you do everything you do!

Christina said...

That shirt is adorable and the cupcake pops look so cute. I seriously have been wanting to make them. I made too much cake the other day and wanted to use it. Got too lazy and threw the cake away today. Lame me, awesome you.