Monday, January 30, 2012

Leesy Lou is Ten!

2012.january 006We kicked off her birthday a little early with a family dinner on Sunday. She requested Hawaiian Haystacks.2012.january 010For dessert she was very specific. She wanted brownies with white chocolate chips on top and cookies and cream ice cream.2012.january 014Of course having her aunts, Jane and Egan, come make it a perfect night for her. They brought sweet gifts too.2012.january 017 And of course on the morning of her birthday - only crepes will make this birthday girl happy with LOTS of "whooped" cream.

We love Elise. She is super excited to have a party this year. Pictures to come.

1 - Elise has a great smile.
2 - She LOVES soccer and she works really hard at it. And she is very committed to her team.
3 - Elise loves to sing. All the time. But sadly, singing well does not come naturally to her although she is improving. We still love to hear her.
4 - Elise is a loyal friend. She loves to be with them and she likes to have everyone included.
5 - Elise loves Quinn. She loves her brothers too but she believes that she was meant to have Quinn as her sister. She is a very good babysitter too.
6 - Elise is very independent. She likes to make her own decisions and takes her time to do her own thing. Since she was small she has insisted on doing her own hair and picking her own clothes. She really doesn't want me to be involved. Should I be offended?
7 - She LOVES to read and is constantly devouring a book in her room.
8 - She loves being with extended family. It is a regular thing for her to beg to go on a trip to visit grandparents or cousins.
9 - Elise loves to be creative.
10 - Elise loves the Gospel and choosing the right. She is a great example to us.


Holly C M said...

Leesy Lou is a ten in every way. Love everything about her!

Kristine said...

what darling pictures! i love reading that list of things you love about Elise, so sweet. She is top notch! I looved chatting with her on the phone yesterday. She is so interesting to talk to. Has interesting things to say, asks good questions, expresses love, what a GEM of a ten year old. The conversation left me smiling.
Can't wait to hear about the party!!!

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy Happy Birthday Elise! Really exceptional young lady with a bright future ahead of her! Bella can't wait for the party!

Erin S. said...

Happy birthday to Elise! I can't believe all our girls are 10!

Jen said...

Cute pictures! Elise is the cutest but I'm kind of dying over Quinn. Her hair is so long and she's looking grown up. Too many months apart. March can't come fast enough! Happy Birthday to Elise. We love her so!