Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Re-Thinking Chores and Stuff

Look how we (the kids) spent their Christmas break. Yep. I really did make them clean out all the kitchen cabinets. Fabulous. I am tempted to keep them home from school forever. And they even look so happy. No tears. No yelling. It really was brilliant. Here is why it worked: 1) they really needed money to buy their siblings Christmas gifts.  2) all their friends were still in school and they were bored. Result: the insides of my cupboards are clean and organized. Wahoo!

I am in the process of creating a new chore chart/system and allowance program. So many factors. It needs to be simple. The kids need to be motivated. It needs consequences. By the way, I need a chore chart for myself. I am getting so behind on the housework too.

Anybody have any brilliant ideas?


em said...

Mom of the YEAR!! Kids of the Year!

Jane said...

i love posts like this. more please! you are a champ at stuff like this. and your kids are too.

Holly C M said...

I love it. "When we're helping we're happy...tra-la-la-la"

katie m said...

I really like the fact that you point out that there are no tears.

Way to go, gurl!

Cutest kids.

Kristine said...

oh my. they look like teenagers here!
ahh.. clean cupboards, you must be loving it. yay for teaching them how to work!!