Sunday, January 22, 2012

8 is Great!

Gavin is Great! And he is excited about being 8!
He can't wait for his baptism (which we are waiting a little longer for but it will be worth it).
This might be a first - but for once the one thing he wanted for his birthday was not an office supply or tool.
An ipod Touch. He had to pay for half of it so he has been saving his money and working hard. He was very, very happy that we made it happen for his birthday.

Gavin is easy to love for so many reasons. On the day of his birthday he was the VIP in his 2nd grade class. Each of the kids said something nice about Gavin. Sweetest thing to hear students talk so nicely about your kid. LOVED IT!
1 - So excited and happy about just about anything.
2 - Hard worker (at most things but not reading)
3 - Loves to help and be involved
4 - Loves details
5 - Tenderhearted
6 - overly organized (it doesn't always appear that way in his room but he has a method to his chaos)
7 - Wants to choose the right and wants to help those around him choose the right
8 - Loves to be with family

PS - He requested the oreo like whoopie pies. He did not want cake. I used this recipe. Loved it.


em said...

What a cutie! No one can resist loving that kid! I still cant believe he is 8!

The Loves said...

Happy Birthday Gav! He is such a sweet boy! We love having him come to our house.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gavin! 8 is Great :) Can't believe how fast these kiddos are growing up! To think he was only 2 years old when we met! Crazy!

Holly C M said...

He is tender-hearted--and all those other things. Mr. Enthusiasm. Remember his excited descriptions about that huge store Kenyon and Grandpa R took him to last summer--oh my!