Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Indoor Tri

Teague has been very interested in doing a tri ever since he saw Egan do the Utah Half Ironman. Then he saw this awesome video called Dayton's Legs. You should watch it with your kids even if they don't want to do a tri.
So he has been running (thanks to xcountry) and he is on a local swim team. And he has been training on the indoor spin bike as well. So he was ready for his first indoor tri.
The race was for kids 8-12. The challenge: a 50 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 1 mile run. We knew he could do it and those distances were probably too easy but it was a good way to start.
Teague is DETERMINED. And he is competitive. He wanted to win BAD.
His main competition was a 10 year old kid who has done 7 triathlons.
HE WON. He beat him by about 15 seconds.
It was awesome to watch him work so hard with that cute smile on this face the whole time. He loved every minute of it.
He wants to jump straight to an Ironman but I think we will work up to that. :)


Holly C M said...

My fav lil ironman!

em said...

stud city. I loved that confidence and determination! He was flying!

Juliann said...

How cool is that?! Way to go!

Kristine said...

so proud of that boy! it's a really cool accomplishment and will just fuel his fire! i love that he is so determined.

Amy said...

Annie-I'm SO impressed with his accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your great family moments.