Monday, January 23, 2012

Wall O Friends

I love Christmas Cards. And I love our friends and family. We look forward to adding to our wall all month long.
And I just hate to take it down. I get kind of sick of Christmas decorations and can't wait to pull the house back together (sort of). But the wall o friends - I could leave that up all year. I love seeing all these great cards, clever thoughts, pictures of wonderful families, great examples, and so much support. Thanks.

But I finally decided it was time to let it go. Till next year...


Katie M. said...

Seriously taking down cards stinks. I'm right there with ya.

I'll start sending you V-day cards that you can plaster all over htat empty window. I'll even put a different name on each one!

Angie said...

Someone posted an idea on twitter for punching holes through their cards and using two rings to bind them together into a little book. Kind of a fun idea so they never had to throw them away.... but then again do I really want to save all those cards over the years? (Says the girl who still hasn't thrown this year's away. They're in a stack on top of my fridge. Maybe I should just bind them and get it over with.)