Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Highlights

I love a new year. I love a new blank calendar. I love the chance to start over. I don't really love "resolutions" but I do think through all the things I want to do better or change or improve. And I do love setting goals (thanks to my family goal group). And I have plenty of big ideas for this year. We'll see...

But I have not been cheering to see 2011 go. I saw lots of posts/status updates/tweets declaring good riddance to 2011. It certainly had some challenging moments but overall it was not a bad year and I am sad to see it end but ready to get geared up for a new one.

I asked the kids to help me think of all the things we loved about 2011 (basically our Christmas card repeat).

Bear Lake was #1 in everyone's list. No question
Cousins Camp at Heber Valley
4th of July in sunny Southern California with our Bourne cousins and Aunts
Teague - trip to DC and xcountry
Elise - soccer
Gavin - giving up the blanket, getting a filing cabinet, performing in Chinese at the Capitol
A trip to St. George with friends
Having our Aunt and Grandma live with us
Cheering on Aunt Egan in the Half Ironman
Learning to ski/snowboard
Annie - Meeting Pioneer Woman, sisters trip to Seattle, completing a year in nursery
Kenyon - he got new knees (now he just wishes they would all work right)
Going without SUGAR for a month

A day at Lagoon
Quinn - owning a fish for a day, her birthday and playing dress-ups with her friend Isaac (who always protects her from the bad guys).


em said...

Good looking year!.... besides those knees. I love those cute kiddos soooo much!

Holly C M said...

Great Report! Love the collage. All cute pics, but there is something special about Quinn's pic from the ropes course. My oh my--great year!

Mindy said...

Oh gosh that fish for a day. Olivia and I were in working in her room when Josh decided to fish ours out of the fishbowl with his bare hands. He excitedly ran in to show it to us and when we screamed he threw it at me! Grossiest thing ever hahahahaha! And I should tell you that Josh was not to happy to be leaving nursery yesterday, he kept running out of sunbeams and into the nursery room :)

I am one of those that is so happy to have 2011 over. I think it must have been one of the hardest years of my life so I am definitely excited for a new beginning. I hope it is great for you guys!!

Angie said...

I agree, 2011 was a great year! I don't know why everyone is so down on it. Glad you had a lot of good memories to look back on from this year. Happy New Year!

Kristine said...

i love seeing a year in review! yours was busy and fun and hard and wonderful too. i'm soo glad i could spend the week with you guys in Bear Lake and for the CA trip And for the sisters trip! it was the best.