Monday, January 16, 2012

Need a Chore Chart?

So I think I mentioned I am re-thinking chores around here.

My brilliant and talented friend, Jul, created a chore chart. You can customize it and print it. Hooray!

No excuse now. Get those kids working.

PS - If you need a couple good reads on the topic -Read The Entitlement Trap by Richard and Linda Eyre. Quick read with so many good ideas. Even if you don't plan to use their system exactly - it will get you thinking about what we are trying to do as parents.The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and OwnershipAnd I liked The Parenting Breakthrough by Merrilee Boyack.The Parenting Breakthrough: Real-Life Plan to Teach Kids to Work, Save Money, and Be Truly Independent I need to look at it again but it had so many good ideas of what kinds of chores and skills children should have at each age. And I always love anything Love and Logic.  

And PPS - I was not looking for any compliments on my last post. But thank you. Just merely trying to remind myself that we can do hard things. I could work on doing hard things with a better attitude for sure. 

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Juliann said...

Thanks for the shout out, Annie. You forgot to mention that you helped me wrap my head around this big project. The finished product is deceptively simple. You and I talked through many possibilities, all the pros and cons. . . thanks for help with the R&D!

I love your book recommendations. They look so helpful. . . did you take notes? Maybe I'll just pick your brain again and copy your notes!