Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Goals

I have been thinking A LOT about my goals or at least in general the things I want to improve on.

Here is a blog that will address what most of us want to improve on. I have told you about it before but in case you forgot or fell off the wagon for a bit (like me), jump back on. Let's make some healthy changes. He breaks it down into pretty simple, doable challenges. Take one at a time.

Word of Wisdom Living
word of wisdom living

Other goals me for include - learning how to use my new camera to take better pictures, take pictures, and post them on this blog. I want to post more often than I have but I am trying to figure out if I have anything inspiring, meaningful or motivating to say. Working on that. There are also all those parenting, financial, exercise, crafting, spiritual, mental goals to work on too. Yikes.

Tonight I reviewed 2011 with each of the kids using this cute form my awesome friend made. I asked Quinn all the questions and her answers were amazing. My favorite: "Quinn, what do you want to do next year?" Quinn's answer, "I want to watch a movie when you and Dad are gone and I babysit." She is sure that she is actually the babysitter when I leave. She has mastered the skill of bossing everyone around. Good times.

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