Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Version of the Nativity

For Christmas Eve, we went to my Grandma's house in Bountiful. She asked me to be in charge of the nativity. Wow. I learned that I will never be a good play director. It was pretty silly and we all laughed a lot. Quinn was a shepherd but wanted to take care of the baby and was pretty ticked when she saw Joseph (who also looked like a shepherd). She thought Joseph (aka Gavin) was trying to upstage her. She stormed on the stage and shoved him off yelling, "You not a shepherd. I is a shepherd." If only it was on video.

Besides the acting, the craziest part was how bad one family can sound singing the simple little Christmas songs. But it made for some good laughs and memories.

Hopefully some touch of the real meaning of Christmas got through all the silliness.

We love going to Grandma's though and it was a wonderful evening.

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Kristine said...

this sounded very Rowdy! sad i missed out on the fun.

cute pictures.