Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Top Ten Party

2012-02-05 2012 by PorterFam98
2012-02-05 2012, a photo by PorterFam98 on Flickr.
Elise wanted a friend party this year. I was kind of dragging my feet on it. So much work. But man was it worth it.
What a darling group of friends*. They were happy, friendly, interested, excited, funny, helpful, and smiley all night long. They thought every part of the party was great (or at least they acted like it).
Elise turned 10 so we picked her 10 favorite things and built a party around it.
Late night crafts and movie, lots of treats and snacks**, lots of blue, fun music (wish I had video of the girls dancing and posing), presents, photo booth, and a little soccer (well in the form of pin the soccer on Elise's head). 
*I am so so grateful that Elise is blessed with so many wonderful friends. Too many. I made her narrow her list down to a more manageable size. So many great girls her age. They are smart, talented in many different ways, cute, and good. I love it. Probably because their moms are all the same way. I'm so lucky.
**These girls must be growing. I popped 10 bags of popcorn, sliced 8 apples, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, 2 bags of licorice, jars of other assorted candies, and drinks. There was no stopping them.


Jen said...

So cute! What fun! Everything looks so great, love the bags. ElIse looks so happy! Way to go Annie

Jane said...

i'm so glad it was a success! and of course it was. you were so thoughtful and organized with the whole thing. elise will love and remember it forever. wish i was 10.

Kristine said...

ohh how darling!! i'm so glad the party was a success.. i knew it would be. you are so good at that stuff. elise and her friends are so cute, it's a really cute age too.
i'm laughing about how much food they ate!! incredible.

Angie said...

You are seriously the coolest mom ever. Your kids dont even know how lucky they are (or maybe they do. I hope they do!)! Can I be just like you when I grow up?

Also, Elise is one beautiful ten-year-old! If I remember correctly, I was entering a horribly awkward stage at that age. She looks like she's going to skip that altogether! What gives?! ;)

Holly C M said...

Great looking party!
Surprise? Not!

em said...

Annie way to go! Looks like so much fun! You are the best entertainer.

katie m said...

Annie. Why aren't you making some money throwing parties?? You and Kristine!! C'mon!

It looks fabulous. Seriously, way to go. And you watch my boys for two hours the day before all this happens.

Elise is so beautiful! Oh she is a doll. I love this top ten thing- brilliance.

Lindsey said...

cuteness! All those girls are getting so big! Ditto to all the comments. I want to be like you.