Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

2012-02-14 2012
Our Heart Attack wall (to replace our Christmas card wall). We copied the idea from 71 Toes. Don't you love what the kids wrote? "Mom is a good cooker." Love it.
2012.February 027
Don't you love this Valentine from Gavin? He worked so hard on it. Remember when you thought giving your mom some money was a great gift? He was pretty sure giving me 50 cents was a perfect gift.
2012.February 021
And OH MY these marshmallows were good. And it does calm sibling rivalry. Magic.

PS - I love this blog - Read this post and more importantly listen to this radio program - the blog authors are talking about Choosing Happiness. Working on that idea. I love it but not there yet.


Jane said...

well this is just SWEET! so adorable.

Alissa said...

Great blog. I've never read it before. Thanks.

The Loves said...

Love Gavin's "Good Cooker" valentine! So perfect and sweet!

Kristine said...

you are a good cooker. that's what i wouldve written too! it's a darling idea to have a wall of valentines. and heart marshmellows. send em my way!

Holly C M said...

Oooh, that is so generous of G-man, and I loved reading all the comments--maybe Teague's was my fav--his penmanship vs. his comment about Gavin's. tra-la-la.