Monday, February 20, 2012

14 Years!

Elise worked SO hard on this banner all morning. She cut out all those letters free hand. I love that she wanted to make this day a big deal. She kept trying to give Kenyon hints all month long. And she felt really bad that our anniversary fell on the day of a big tournament because she knew we would be there for her instead. But we didn't mind. (Plus her team fought hard for 1st place and we wouldn't want to miss that. They played 4 games today and then she went straight to volleyball practice. That girl is TOUGH).

This morning at breakfast, I told the kids the story of our meeting and then the story of our wedding. I guess I haven't ever told them. It was so fun.

It has been 14 years. It seems kind of crazy that it has been that long. And sadly 1/3rd of it, Kenyon hasn't felt that great (some times are worse than others). But hopefully the next 14 years we will do a little better in the health department. :) Maybe?

To celebrate 14 years - here are 14 great things about Kenyon. I am so grateful he married me.

1 - Kenyon is a great husband and father (in spite of not always feeling well).
2 - We are especially grateful for his job and his amazing work ethic. He works so many long, hard hours to provide for us.
3 - Patience and long-suffering.
4 - Worth and righteous priesthood holder. He spoke last night at our Priesthood Preview (can you believe Teague is turning 12 soon. Yikes) and he did a great job.
5 - Good sport and good at sports and helpful in the kids sports
6 - A kid at heart - always up for a game or getting on the floor and playing with the kids. And on good days - even up for a chase with the kids - their all time favorite.
7 - Super smart. He knows and remembers everything (well the memory isn't what it used to be but it is still pretty impressive).
8 - Not picky and always grateful for my meals.
9 - Financially conservative - despite all my efforts to ruin that - not on purpose though
10 - Loves family - all his siblings and mine and parents
11 - Great willingness to serve anyone - once he realizes what they need or how he can help, he will do it
12 - Calm - which is a much needed characteristic around me
13 - Funny - if you can get him to say anything - it is either very wise or hilarious
14 -Good looking - of course I think that. (I wasn't crazy about the Will Ferrell look he had for a while but it has passed an all is well).


Jane said...

i'm really in love with this post and you guys. Love that Elise made that banner. Adorable! 14 years, blows me away. You two are the best match. And I'm really glad you married Kenyon cause he is all that you listed and a great Brother-in-law to me. You're a good wife too!

Mindy said...

14years! Yay:). You guys should play the newly we'd game sometime and see how you do ;). Congratulations!!!

Holly C M said...

I wish I could have seen the kids while you told The Story. I bet they ate it up.

I love you and Kenyon and count you as among the most impressive people I know. Blessings on the next 14 squared and squared again and again.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Hooray! Loved this post as well! You are so thoughtful to put a list together of 14 GREAT things about Kenyon! You are equally as great! Happy Anniversary! (yesterday)

Kristine said...

that sign elise made is Adorable!!! what a sweetie! please save that forever!

congrats on 14 years. i love you both so much. and so grateful to have Kenyon apart of our family!

Jen said...

Congrats you two little lovebirds. We have loved Kenyon from the beginning. Hunting Kenyon won Dave's heart and awesome engagement plan won mine. So glad you're in the fam. Wish I lived closer and could watch the kids so you could sneak a way for a couple days. March?

katie m said...

That is the sweetest banner I have ever seen. I never did that for my parents. I know Elise is individually quite amazing, but kids just don't learn to do that stuff on their own without having mom/dad already shown them in times past how to be thoughtful. I think that banner is a perfect depiction of Elise inheriting thoughtful things she sees her mom do every day. She is a pretty incredible little girl!!!

14 years. Really??? That is weird. I was 15 years old when you got married. How has it been that long??

I am being as honest as pete when I say you BOTH look like movie stars in that photo- you guys are better looking now than you were 14 years ago. Serious.

Hope you guys have an amazing day! 14 years is really something to be proud of! I agree with your mom too- you guys are def. some of THEE most impressive people on earth. Easy.

Love ya couz!