Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goin' Bald

Things continue to go well. However, Kenyon did make a purchase off an infomerical - the Forearm Forklift. He thinks that will make it easier for me to move the dishwasher and range down to the basement. It will probably make it easier for someone but I doubt (hope) it will be me doing it. :)

He has also found time and energy to get a little work in the last couple days. Of course the minute he responded to an email then everyone got the word that he was online and they took advantage of the time he was willing to give.

His first few bits of hair started falling out. It has taken so long that I started to wonder if it would really happen.

Mouth sores have not hit yet - hooray. That would be so great to avoid those but we are not in the clear yet. They could still come. He had a dose of methotrexate today and one more to come - that is the cause of the mouth sores.

On a pregnancy note- this baby girl must have picked up Elise's love of gymnastics. She is constantly on the move.


Burts said...

Annnie, I am so glad that Kenyon is doing well. I can relate to the going bald. I am losing hair by the fist full, I knew it would happen it always does after I have a baby but man! I am also glad to hear that baby is busy and so healthy. I check your blog everyday and love the updates.

Liz said...

You might have to look into purchasing Kenyon a wig - now wouldn't that look fabulous! Actually, when Cory's mom lost her hair and wore a wig my kids thought it was the coolest thing that their Nana could take off her hair. We have some really funny pictures of Ashley wearing the wig!

Holly C M said...

Richard says there is nothing wrong with losing your hair. And we both keep praying for a full return to health for Kenyon--especially now that we have the little ones :-)

Elise has been teaching, okay demonstrating, gymnastics to the neighbor kids in Seattle.

Gavin is IN CHARGE of the hose and nozzle when the kids do the slip and slide. He regularly changes the setting from mist, to shower, to angle, etc. He has a gift for wanting to know how things work. I don't think my video captured that.

Teague and his friends told me another neighbor girl stole two carrots "and we have the holes in the ground to prove it." So then I let all the kids pull up a carrot or two and pick peas. No raspberries or blueberries yet. Maybe next week.

hOLLIANN said...

A gymnast in the family - how exciting!

mmm.chocolate said...

Have you seen my hubby? Bald is beautiful, so the saying goes around here. Hang in there!