Monday, June 30, 2008

Nothing Much

We are so happy that Kenyon continues to do so well. His blood counts are steadily dropping. We are definitely at his lowest point so far but they will continue to drop - and that is expected. He had a platelet transfusion today. I would think that he will need another transfusion tomorrow. He is taking it easy but overall feels ok. The doctors and nurses say he is on course. For that, we are grateful.

The kids made it to a very HOT Seattle. I am told that Teague said to my mom, "You know that thing on the wall that makes the cold air come out. Can we use that?" Well, it turns out that the "thing" on the wall known in Utah as AC does not really exist in most Seattle homes. It doesn't get to 95 very often. The rest of the week should cool off and be a little more enjoyable.

I think Kenyon's favorite movie viewed so far is Bandits. Thanks Ryan!!


Juliann said...

Boy, little steps but still every day is a day closer to being better.

Jane said...

hahaha Teague. that's hilarious. Hopefully mom and dad are spraying those kids with the hose. Sounds like they are having fun in Seattle. Thinking of you and Kenyon always. xoxo

Heidi Lawson said...

Oh yes, I can attest that Seattle had a VERY hot spell for a bit! We were all lamenting the no a/c thing here in our house and pretty much just lay with our noses pressed against the fan for several days!