Friday, June 27, 2008

It's All Good

So today there is not much to say but in case you are checking this will give you something new to read.

The doctors/nurses are pleased with how his doing. He is working on building his appetite back up. He really needs to work on increasing his calorie intake (that's nothing new though - is it?).

The side effect of one of the meds that seems to be really annoying him is bad dreams. Apparently they are vivid HD dreams that are always fast moving. They typically include planes or trains (probably because of the sound of his bed) and Mexicans. Go figure. I think it is hilarious but it is driving him nuts. He just wants to sleep soundly.

They expect that in about 3 days or so he will hit some of his tougher days. That is when they expect to see his lowest blood counts and need transfusions. He may also start dealing with mouth sores - which we have heard can be absolutely horrible. Last night he had some popsicle treatment that is supposed to help with that. I guess he was eating popsicles and cups of ice for a couple of hours. We'll see if that helps. I think I have a few neighbor kids who would think I was the greatest mom if I let them have popsicles for hours on end.

On the home front things are cruising along in the basement. We have such great neighbors who are working so hard to help us get that done. My mom has washed all my blinds and windows. And she pruned everything in the yard and has been weeding and planting. Now my problem is a sprinkler problem. If you know how to fix sprinklers - I have one that I don't know how to fix. I think it is a broken pipe or something. Lame. Those are the kind of problems I don't handle very well.

My kids leave tomorrow to have a great adventure with their grandparents. They are pretty excited and anxious to pack. I am sad but at the same time so grateful. It will be easier to not be juggling so much.


Allman Roca said...

Wow! It sounds like a crazy few weeks. Your family is in our prayers. Thanks for all of the blog updates.

Heidi said...

If those mouth sores ever hit, let us know what they are like... we think they may have hit with Jake but are not sure. He just complains of a sore throat constantly. We are happy to hear that so far all is well. Thank you for keeping us updated--it is good to hear how everyone is doing.

Sunni said...

Greg knows a little something about sprinklers, I'll call you... Keep hangin' in, I was happy to see Kenyon smiling in his birthday pictures. And that pink blanket really does something for his complection!