Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleepless Nights

The first night was apparently HORRIBLE. Kenyon's bed is this pressurized air bed. It fills with air every few minutes. When it turns on it makes quite the noise. Kenyon describes it as an aircraft carrier. Then there is another noise that we call the "jackhammer." I don't actually know what it does but it comes on at regular intervals. The noise is right under Kenyon's head. Those noises combined with regular blood pressure tests, nurse checks, etc. made for one very sleepless night. I think he better start taking the sleeping pills and wearing ear plugs.

The chemo started this morning at 6am. He is on his 3rd dose (they come in every 6 hours). So far there are not any major side effects but we are told that they are coming. They run regular blood tests and apparently they came back and said that he needs to have his chemo increased.

I only spent a few hours up there today. It is tricky to be split between wanting to be with the kids and wanting to be with Kenyon. It is making more sense to have the kids be with Grandma and Grandpa this summer. They will be so happy. Gavin cried himself to sleep last night because he wants Kenyon to get better faster. He doesn't understand why it takes so long and why he can't be with him. It is so hard to explain.

Thank you to the visitors who stopped by today. He appreciates the support!

Thank heavens for the hot water because the kids have been playing out in the swimming pool at our neighbors house. Swimming always makes my kids happy.


Liz said...

So sorry to hear that the first night was horrible. I hate being in the hospital for even two days. I can't imagine what Kenyon has to go through. Your family is definitely in our prayers every day!

The Morley's said...

We are constantly thinking and praying for you guys! We loved having your kids today and we will miss them terribly this summer. It will be great to have them so well taken care of with your family. I will be thinking of things for you two to do in the hospital and get back to you. Thanks for posting, then I don't have to ask you so many questions! It looks like you changed your blog page a bit, always fun to read!

Josh & Jen Love said...

Thanks for blogging, now I don't have to call and bug Amy anymore. We are so excited to have Teague with us next Monday, The boys are fighting over who gets him first! Please let us take the kids anytime. You are in our prayers.

Angie said...

thanks for the updates annie, we are praying for you all and keeping you in our thoughts. you are so amazingly strong! keep fighting and tell Ken to keep fighting too. we love you guys!

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Monette was telling me yesterday about that bed. Thats annoying! We love you guys and are thinking of you all the time. About your comment on killing time: we have SEINFELD, HEROES, THE COSBY SHOW dvd series. Let me know if any of those sound any good and we'll bring em by!