Monday, June 16, 2008

Day -9

Technicially, the doctors call today Day -9. That means there are nine days until transplant. Then we count forward. It was fairly uneventful other than I seem to not stop crying. It really needs to stop soon. It was harder on me than the kids to watch them say good-bye to Kenyon. Elise was emotional but she always is so that wasn't surprising. Teague and Gavin were more interested in getting to their friends house. I just overthink everything, I guess.

We checked into Kenyon's lovely new room. It is actually quite ghetto. Clean but very old. From Kenyon's bed this is his view. Don't worry - I don't think he will be easily persuaded to give up his BYU loyalties.

It might be a pretty long 4+ weeks. We were kind of bored all day but at the same time the nurse and aide came in often to give us more information, more meds, drinks, etc. It is quite a schedule - including very early morning wake up calls. LAME! Tomorrow morning he starts chemo at 6am. Tomorrow will be even more real. Hopefully - he will handle the meds and treatments well.

If you have any great ideas for time fillers we would love them. We got online and played a little Settlers of Catan. We are thinking of trying out the Heroes (NBC TV series). Anything?

He tried out his exercise bike and got a little workout it. And our bishop came for a visit. That was nice.

Thanks for all the love and prayers!


Burts said...

Annie, thinking of you guys. I am so glad for the updates. You take of your self while you are taking care of your wonderful husband. I know you know but I am always here for you if you need anything! I have more seasons of Lost and I also have hereos if you are interested, plus all of 24. Try to have a good day and if I can provide any of your entertainment through my tv addiction let me know:)

Holly C M said...

I know, you can watch all the dvds I just made copying old family movies. tee hee. You and Jen should be scared to have these videos transferred to archival dvds.

I love that "U" on the mountain.

Holly C M said...

Oh, one more thing. Dad and I just made a reservation to take the kids camping at Sequim Bay State Park--using the old red tent. Should be a fun little trip, ferry, high bridges, the spit, and all. We just wish you and Kenyon could be there.

Janna said...

I just want you to know that I saw your kids at Chik-Fil-A yesterday and they were so happy. They couldn't stop waving at me. They were playing and eating and were in good hands. We have great neighbors! Let me know when you are playing Settlers on line...I would love to play you....oh maybe I shouldn't... LOL!! Yes, I should!

Holliann said...

We are definitely thinking of you! Luckily you have such great family and friends to help with the kids so you can focus on K.

I had a little giggle about the U thing. When my dad (a byu professor)had his heart transplant at the U they used to put his food in the shape of a U and all sorts of crazy stuff. It was pretty funny. He in return played all sorts of tricks on them with his heart machines. Maybe to pass time you and K can concoct some pranks to play on everyone!

Shanna said...

Those nurses are going to love your "BYU" pajama pants mom made you.

Shanna said...

Ken, the nurses are going to LOVE your BYU pajama pants mom made you.

Shanna said...

I'm retarded, and I just posted the same thing twice