Saturday, June 28, 2008


We are spoiled. We are so blessed to have so many good friends and family taking such good care of us. Lots of help and generous gifts. I couldn't even list everything that has been done. I will try to get to those thank you notes but if you read this please know how grateful we are for all the notes, gifts, helping hands, words of encouragement, prayers, etc.

Today Kenyon was really feeling good. It was a pretty good day except we couldn't leave and do anything. His blood counts are steadily dropping and will continue to for another day or two. Today he was craving a snickers and Lucky Charms so I got that taken care of. Just about anything tastes better than a tray of hot hospital food.


Josh & Jen Love said...

So, can I tell you how many times my boys asked if they could go get your son to come down and play "battle" It is going to be a long summer for them without their "titan" buddy! They really do love him.

Holly C M said...

Annie, you really have been blessed with generous, caring friends. I saw firsthand some of the many kindnesses and even recorded some in my journal, I was that touched by all the good deeds.

I'm glad Kenyon had what can be called a good day. What a blessed window of relief.

Angie said...

glad to hear things are going well and that the transfusion went well. we love you, keep fighting the fight!