Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Photos

Today at 4 the moment finally arrived! Brett and his wife Jody came to our room a little earlier and we hung out until the stem cells arrived. Brett went through two days of having blood pumped out through a machine that separated the blood cells. Hopefully I will get some pictures from him that I can post. He is a good sport because it certainly wasn't easy.

Kenyon holding his new stem cells.
It was pretty crazy to watch it slowly move up the tubing to his chest.
Feeling a little stronger as he takes in his brothers generous gift of life.
We sat around and watched it drip in for a couple of hours. Brett kept us laughing through it all. We kept waiting to see if his sense of humor was getting passed on to Kenyon.
Blood Brothers!
It was a great afternoon. I loved having Brett and Jody there with us. We know this was a huge sacrifice of their time (and their family).
The nurses and aids came in with a pink blanket and a balloon. Volunteers make the blankets that they keep for BMT patients. Unfortunately they were out of more masculine colors. Kenyon didn't mind. Then we all sang a silly song of Happy Birthday. Happy Day!

Kenyon was pretty tired and jittery all day. He has had a hard time settling down and getting comfortable (side effect of the meds). But when I left he was getting some good drugs to help him sleep for the night.

I can't express how grateful I feel. The process is amazing and then to have a brother that is so willing and able. It is overwhelming to think about what a gift it is to give Kenyon this amazing opportunity at life. We are so so so blessed. How do you say Thank You for that?


Jennifer said...

Kenyon looks great! Love the haircut. Thanks for posting so often and keeping us feeling informed and up to date from such a distance. xoxo bourne's

Heidi said...

It is always amazing to me at how positive and upbeat you are. I admire you and Kenyon so makes me think that I can actually do this too! So thank you! Happy Birthday Kenyon! And whenever you are ready for that 'girls' break, Annie, you let me know. I am up for one on a daily basis!

Liz said...

Thanks for the post, Annie! I hope you're doing okay and that you're taking care of yourself too. Kenyon looks so good considering what he's had to go through (he looked good before - don't get me wrong). My parents said to let you know that you're in their prayers - and ours.

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

Yay! What a great post. I loved all the pictures and reading about how well everything is going. Happy (new) Birthday Kenyon!!!

mmm.chocolate said...

I'm so happy for you guys to have made it to this point. Happy Birthday Kenyon! As with so many gifts in life, it is difficult to adequately express our appreciation. Somehow, I think he knows.

Juliann said...

Happy Birthday! New life. . . your doctors must be really deep thinkers and have see the profound meaning in setting up the transplant on your birthday. This is the second Day 0 you've had on June 25. It's like being born again. . . medically!

Kristine said...

amazing! i am so happy to hear that everything went so well. kenyon looks great!

i appreciate the pictures and updates.

Powell Family said...

Happy Birthday Kenyon! We keep you and your family in our prayers. Annie I love your posts, thanks for keeping us updated. Happy day!

Phil, Kellie and Drew said...

Hi - I am a friend of Kenyon's from our MBA class. I was reading the Powell's blog and stumbled onto your blog and couldn't believe all that your family has been going through. I am sorry I didn't know sooner. Please pass my best wishes to him (and to you!) and I will keep you in my prayers. Kenyon is a great guy and I wish the very best to all of you. Kellie Openshaw

TheFunYam said...

Wow, Annie, it's been so long since I've heard how you or your family were doing and I just read Jul's blog (this is Sarah Lyle, by the let us all live in your fine home in Draper once upon a time...:). I had no idea Kenyon was going through so much--treatment for Leukemia! Your family is inspiring and I will be thinking of you and praying for Kenyon!