Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Wonderul Break

I am not sure I love the picture but I did love the afternoon lunch and dinner break today. My friends/former rooommates, Juliann and Leah, met me at the Gateway for lunch and Ben's Cookies. Leah was in town from Boston for a family reunion and it was super sweet of her to break away for a few minutes to be with us. I have always been so blessed to have such amazing, talented, good and thoughtful friends. I am also blessed to have wonderful family. My grandma and sister took me to dinner. Hooray for Rumbis and good company.

Once again, the blood counts continue to drop. Today Kenyon got more platelets. He slept a good amount of the day and if he was awake he felt like going back to sleep. That is normal - the blood counts should drop and you should be tired when that happens.

I think tomorrow we will bust out the clippers and do a little buzzing. It makes me a little nervous but it is coming out anyway.

On another note - any of you poor souls who have had to load or unload my dishwasher, you know what a piece of junk that it was. You had to thoroughly wash the dishes before you put them in and then after washing them it was never clear if they were really clean. Sometimes they were dirtier. All that has changed! I got a new dishwasher and it is fabulous. The instructions say that no rinsing is needed. I love that. Too bad there aren't any dishes to wash right now.


hOLLIANN said...

I did not recognize Julianne...and what kind of dishwasher...I desperately need a (nother) new one! I want a good one so bad!

Holly C M said...

I am so happy, I cannot express how happy, you have a new dishwasher.

I love the new picture on your blog of the fam.

Glad you could spend time with Lean and Jul. Love those girls. Love you.

Juliann said...

Who's the hotshot who didn't take off her sunglasses for a picture? What a nerd. . .

It was fun to get together yesterday. Next time maybe instead of Salt Lake, we can get together in Boston or Dallas!