Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey Good Lookin'

Today I shaved Kenyon's head. The hair was coming out in big chunks and all over everything so it was finally time. I was kind of scared but it turned out good. The BMT unit has special clippers so that I couldn't cut him (that would be bad). I think we might keep him bald for a while. I like it! The doctor said that maybe by day 100 he would like he had a short buzz.

Kenyon got a couple bags of blood today and he was feeling quite a bit better than yesterday. We love the good days!

The update from Seattle is that the kids have been busy collecting slugs and playing tennis. We used to love salting the slugs on our way to school. Kind of cruel, I guess but we thought it was cool. My sister Jen was the only one we could dare to lick one. Did you know that if you lick a slug, your tongue goes numb? Good fun fact to know.

I talked to the doctor today about donating the baby's umbilical cord blood. It is getting a little easier in Utah. I was so happy to find out that they just set up that option at St. Marks where I will deliver. The only hitch is that you have to deliver in the day time when they have someone on staff. It is such an easy way to save someone's life. At the BMT unit today, a patient received a bone marrow transplant from umbilical cord blood. There was no other match available from the national registry. And, the doctor told me that umbilical cord blood is a great safe option and it doesn't require a perfect match to have success. So for any you giving birth - -check with your hospitals and get it set up!

The sprinkler is getting fixed. Thanks for the offers of help!


Holly C M said...

Kenyon looks GREAT bald.

The difference between your generation and your kids is that these kids are collecting the slugs as pets, they have given them names, and they are sad when they escape. I have had to actually pick-up with my bare hands, no less, several slugs. I also spent a good part of my afternoon slug hunting. What is happening to me?

hOLLIANN said...

I love the picture. I personally think he looks great bald, but he does not look convinced.

And the licking slug...Yikes! But in all fairness to Jen, I would have totally been the one to lick it (not now...but when I was young).

Happy 4th!

Kristine said...

he looks GREAT! i'm happy that the kids are doing well and that kenyon is having good days.

i also love hearing your pregnancy updates. i am so excited for this little girl to come.

happy 4th. love you

Sunni said...

Greg really likes Kenyon's new look, he even said that Kenyon is handsome... ;)

Christina said...

Annie, if you are wondering if people want to read all the details, the answer is yes. Thanks for keeping us updated. I am impressed with your grateful heart in all of this. I also think the bald head looks great. The umbilical cord thing is amazing. It just seems so neat that your baby (and you of course) can help Kenyon out.

Hilary and Dave said...

Yeah, bald is awesome. I didn't know that about umbilical cord blood... I will definitely donate it next time. And I can't believe Jenny licked slugs!

Courtney said...

I must agree about Kenyon bald- he can definitely pull it off. I agree with Christina on the details. I hang on every word. You did a great job on the non-cut. Best of everything to you.