Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing to Say

I feel like I should post but I don't have anything to say. I guess that is somewhat good. At least we haven't had anything bad happen. Kenyon's blood counts continue to trend upwards. Overall, the doctors continue to be pleased with his progress. The biggest thing right now is to adjust the meds until they get everything to the right levels - and hopefully control the nausea at the same time. I am regularly asked - how is Kenyon? Well, he feels pretty lousy but really he is doing ok. We have good moments and not so good. I think that is just how it will be for a while.

Elise called me last night with the big news that she lost her first tooth. I wish I had pictures to share. She was determined to not have a tooth dangling in her mouth like Teague. She must have been working pretty hard on it. The tooth fairy is working overtime in California.


Shannon said...

Hey, I loved meeting and playing with your kids in Seattle. It looked like your parents and the kids were just having a blast. We got to see Teague's tooth dangling, it was cute.

Andrea said...

I totally love your posts - I look forward to reading them! I wanted share my new blog with you. It's

Sunni said...

Hi Annie!

Allman Roca said...

Yes, lets get the kiddos together. I kinda feel out of the loop too. By the way school starts August
26th. Or at least that is what I have written down...eek! Can I last?