Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slowly Rising

The blood count numbers are slowly creeping up. There are lots of different counts but the one that determines when Kenyon can come home is called the ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count). Don't ask me what it means. All I know is that when it reaches 500 or more for 3 days then he will be looking good to come home (a healthy adult has about 1500). Today he was at 400. So it is possible that he could be home this week. In fact, we expect it to fit 500 tomorrow.

The hitch to coming home is that he needs to be able to keep down 1/3 of his calories. Kenyon has been so blessed but the nausea is really making him miserable. Not much sounds good to him. He also really hates swallowing pills. Tonight while I was there, they brought in 4 cups of pills - about 20. Torture! After he got a good dose of benadryl, he was able to get them down but then he ready to sleep. Hopefully we can get his stomach to settle down. (Although I must say I am a little scared to have him home - excited but nervous).

We are so grateful for the many prayers said on our behalf. We feel strengthened and know that this is going as well as it is because the Lord answers prayers. Prayers are heard and answered!

I try to get thank yous out but I am behind. I had a bunch of wonderful help on Saturday from some great women in my ward. A little embarrassing to me but truly helpful. Tonight I had a delicious plate of dinner in my fridge when I got home from the hospital. I really appreciate everything.

Gavin has been heard singing all over my old neighborhood and the greater Seattle area - his songs are mostly just phrases from songs he loves but doesn't know all the words to and they are sung in his highest pitch. They include: "Hail to the Prophet" (from Praise to the Man), "Heavenly Father, are you really there?" (from A Child's Prayer), and "Popular" (from Wicked). He knows how to make his presence known.

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Jennifer said...

That is such good news! He must be going crazy being in the hospital, taking pill after pill and of course feeling sick. hang in there Kenyon! We love you!