Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kickin off the New Year Right

So I have a lot of thoughts about last year and the coming year. I am not really a New Years Resolution person. They don't work for me very well. But I do like to think about what I need to do to be better and what I can change and improve on. I do, however, set a lot of goals all year long and I have a pretty good system for accomplishing those goals. I love it.

One of the things I really want and need to improve on is our family diet. We do well in some areas but we have a lot of room for improvement. And luckily I have family members who know their stuff. Check out Jane's blog here.

But before you do that. And before I make any big diet changes - try this recipe.

You know these little goodies?
Girl Scout Cookie box. © GSUSA. All rights reserved.
Don't we all love them. Well now you can make your own. I am not even kidding. My sister-in-law taught us. There isn't much to know. So easy she even taught her 8 year old activity day girls.

Homemade Girl Scout Thin Mints
Ritz Crackers
Package of Andes Thin Mints (is that what they are called? You know what I mean.)

Melt chocolate (in double broiler or microwave if you are careful)
Dip crackers in chocolate using a little pair of tongs or get creative. Let it drip off a little - you don't want too much excess. Then lay cookie/cracker on a piece of parchment. Let set or put outside in the frigid air for a few minutes.

Seriously? You can't eat only one. Try it.

But then let's really get it together people. We don't need so much sugar and junk in our diet.


Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Ritz crackers? Really? I would have never thought :) I am horrible at making and keeping new goals. I need a system. Why do sugar and treats have to taste SO good?

Jane said...

ritz crackers! game changer!!!! these sound amazing. I love ritz. I love mint things. whammy! thanks for sharing.
and linking me.

Kristine said...

whoa. that sounds amazing! Gotta try. ritz crackers are so good. once i start i can't stop.

Christina said...

these sound good enough to be a true temptation.

The Harris Family said...

I make these all the time They are wonderful. I usually use a half bag semi sweet choc chips and a half bag of garadelle (sp?) Mint chips. I love to make them and make people guess what they are made out of. The yummy buttery salty cracker is perfect with the chocolate. ummm yummy GET IN MY BELLY!!!

Erin S. said...

Yum. I am drastically cutting my sugar consumption, but these might have to be on my list for my once-a-week indulgence :). Loved seeing you!