Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 9th!

This girl woke up HAPPY about her birthday even though it was on a Sunday (not a bad thing it just kind of limits what we can do to celebrate).

She was ready for a day about her. At dinner she asked if everyone would go around the table and say something they love about her. Hilarious. Of course we were happy to but pretty funny.

She mostly wanted clothes and more decor for her room. My niece-in-law made two awesome prints for her to hang on her wall. Check it out at A Vintage Poster. Her stuff is awesome.

Elise doesn't care about cake so my mom saved the birthday (again) and made this chocolate chip cookie. Perfect.

And did you see who came to visit this weekend. We loved it. Campbell the Squish, Jen and Kristine. We were sad to see them leave.

Reasons I LOVE Elise:
      E - Enthusiastic
      L - Great laugh and so loving
      I  - intelligent and interested in all the details
      S  - Soccer his one of her loves, she is quite sassy, and she is sweet when the sassy side calms down                              
      E - Entertaining - she had us all laughing last night. She was definitely on a birthday high and looking             for some attention. Favorite quote of the night "Here comes the glam."


Kristine said...

i can't see the picture. dang it.

darling elise. it was a fun celebration. i'm craaaving that dinner. Amazing!!!

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy Birthday Elise!!!
I can't see the picture either?