Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Gavin Crew

It is hard to believe that the ONE and ONLY Gavin Crew is 7 years old today.
He has been SO EXCITED about his birthday. And I have been so nervous that I would not be able to pull off what he wanted. I didn't really know what he wanted to have happen today. And it is family party year so it isn't quite as fun as a friend party. 
Gavin only asked for one thing. And of course it was something that ONLY Gavin would ask for. And he knew exactly what it should be like.
A filing cabinet with wheels and a lock. A for real filing cabinet. I don't even know if his friends know what a filing cabinet is but he does. He said he saw it IKEA and knew he needed it for his important papers. 
Here is the expression when I brought it to him. Seriously crazy happy.

In past years for birthdays or Christmas he has asked for (and received):
music stand
real tools
venus fly trap (the plant)

I really can't think of any toys he asked for. Although he does play with toys too. 
He loves to create and dream up projects. Especially when his Grandpa is around. He is guaranteed a trip to Home Depot. His favorite!

I love Gavin. He he is full of life and energy. He keeps things at our house going. He is persistent and curious. He is very helpful and a great little buddy to have around. He is always up for a good time. And he loves being with family. And he is a talker. Never a quiet moment with that kid.


Heidi said...

I cannot even tell you how hard I am laughing right now! Seriously! A filing cabinet! That is the cutest thing ever.

Miss you! Let's get together soon... I am due for a girls night!

Kate Magleby said...

That picture of his reaction is hiarious! I cracked up reading this. Thanks for cheering me up

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy belated birthday Gavin! Funniest thing I have ever heard, a 7 year old wanting a filing cabinet! What an awesome kid.

Kristine said...

and THAT is why i love gavin crew.

wish i coulda partied with him. xo

- can't believe he is 7!

The Harris Family said...

Seriously, Gavin is the most entertaining child I have ever met!!! Lola got "school" stuff for christmas. When we took it all down to the basement we set it up thinking it was a good "pretend school" set up. But when Gavin came over he re-arranged all the furniture and tables and chairs into a better school. And actually he was right!! It is now a better school play place:) I would like to see what kind of "important papers" he files away. Thanks for sharing!!!

Dayna said...

That is TOO funny!!! HAHA! I love that kid! I too would love to see his "important papers." Happy Birthday Gavin!

Lindsey said...

That is so awesome. Only Gavin. Happy Birthday Gavin Crew!

Cheryl said...

I can't stop scrolling back up to the expression on his face seeing the cabinet - this is the funniest kid/gift story I've ever heard. LOVE IT!