Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check this out - Your New Guide

Have you been thinking about the way you and your family eat? Are you interested in making changes but you aren't sure how and it seems totally overwhelming?

I think about this stuff constantly and have made little changes but I am very aware that it is time to be serious about the health of my family. And truthfully - I like my treats, snacks, junk food more than most, I'm afraid.

Check out this blog  (image from the blog)

I have been so excited about the ideas that this blog author is writing about. And each week for the next year, he issues a new health challenge. Can you do it? I am kind of scared but it should be good.

And BTW - he it the father of one of my favorite bloggers Brooke over at - Inchmark.

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Alissa said...

I love this. Don't know if I'll be able to do it, but love the idea. Lately I've been making oatmeal for breakfast, and Ella loves it. I boil the water, add 1/2 an apple chopped up, raisins, craisins, coconut, oatmeal and a little cinnamon and brown sugar. Cook it for the 5 min and...yum.