Friday, January 14, 2011

Move that Bus!

My kids ask for interesting things. (just wait till you see what Gavin is asking for on his birthday - the kids is UNIQUE). But this year for Christmas, Elise wanted a room make over (thus the title of this post - if you want Extreme Home Makeover).
She knew that it wouldn't be totally ready on Christmas Morning - Santa can't be painting all night long - he has places to be. But she wanted all the parts to be ready to go.
I asked her if she wanted to give any input or pick anything out. She said, "I want it to be a total surprise."
So, I start planning, sewing, ordering, etc. A week before Christmas we are in the car and Teague is asking random questions. "What is your favorite...?" And one of them is "What is your favorite color?" Elise pipes up, "Definitely not pink." To which I say, "Really? That's a bummer." And Elise says, "Why? Like pink is ok for a shirt, I guess. But not a room." And I say, "Oh wow. That is a real suprise."

Then I spend the next week worrying because as you can see - pink is kind of the main color in the room. Yikes.

Good news is - she was happy Christmas morning.

Her room used to be yellow. Now it is a light grey. And we are happy with most of her room but her walls need some art work or pictures. I would really like those blankets to not be at the end of her bed. And someday I would like to make a quilt to be there. Someday. Her desk needs a few little accessories. It might even need to be a different color. Something is just not right. And maybe a little something else. We are working on those things.

The ruffle pillow was easy to make and fun to use a variety of fabrics. Pillow forms are cheap at IKEA so that was not a big project. The framed picture of Elise's silhouette was done by my super-talented sister Egan. She also has really long dark grey curtains hanging and I love how they look but I couldn't get a good picture of them with my camera.


Lindsey said...

How fun! I want to see it in person!

The Loves said...

Well Done! I bet she loves it. Do you want to come do my kids'? You are so talented.