Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Me and my sister. Can you see the top of Jen's red rubber boots. Love it! And I really love Jen's hair. And my goofy smile that my parents had to pay a fortune to fix. Mom - how old were we in this picture? 5 and 3?

Funny thing - I found this picture over on Inchmark's blog. Actually - there is a good reason for that - Jen and Brooke are friends but it was funny to see my little face hanging out there too.

Hope all is happy and well for each of you this Christmas. We love our Savior Jesus Christ and celebrate his birth and the gift of His life.
President Thomas S. Monson said,
"What will you and I give for Christmas this year? Let us in our lives give to our Lord and Savior the gift of gratitude by living His teachings and following His footsteps."


jenniferbourne said...

I loved my rain boots and have been wanting a pair forever (I think the last time I owned a pair was back then). Time to bring back an old favorite. A picture of Dave as a baby boy sitting on Santa's lap is on inchmark as well. btw.

Juliann said...

Ha ha! I just saw this on inchmark first and knew it was you! I was about to email you and let you know. . . but glad you saw it too. Funny!