Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Knee Update

So ... we went to yet a 3rd orthopedic doctor this week.

One thing we know for sure - 2 doctors are convinced that the only way to help Kenyon - and they are confident it will help him - is to do total knee replacements. They both agree that while Dr. Rosenberg is a great doctor - he is totally wrong in believing that a calcium rich and healthy diet will heal Kenyon's knees.

So...we will be moving forward with total knee replacements in 2011. The question is now when, where, how, and who.

We need to pick a doctor. One recommends doing them separately 8 weeks apart. And would operate on the left leg January 5th. The other doctor recommends doing both at the same time but can't operate until April 22nd. Are you kidding me? He really can't fit us in sooner. Duh!

Kenyon would rather have it over and done with so doing 2 at a time seems better to him. But waiting that long - not good.

Both seem like very competent doctors and have dealt with this specific problem. What to do? We don't know yet.

But funny side note (and maybe a concern) - this 3rd doc we went to has the most outdated office we have EVER been in. The monster computer monitors with monochrome screens. The computer programs they are using must have been developed in the late 80s. And they are using dot matrix printers. It is backwards in there. And the furniture is worn out and dirty. Should we be concerned? Orthopedic Surgeons have to be making enough money to invest in their office a little bit. Right?


Kristine said...

thanks for the knee update! is there an option to go to another doctor..for a fourth opinion?? such a hard decision to make.

thoughts and prayers for you both.

Tracy said...

John says Kurt Kimball. He's the team surgeon for BYU football and basetball. He is from Santa Barbara.