Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Much Anticipated Lego Party

I completely copied all my ideas for this Lego Party. You can see what Stephmodo did here. Unfortunately, my other friend has a private blog. But she really deserves all the credit. She hooked me up with ideas and the coolest lego version of "Don't Eat Pete." That is a favorite game of Gavin's thanks to one of his great Primary teachers. I think it might have been a favorite of the day because it includes eating M&Ms as fast you possibly can.

The highlight of the party was probably building their own cars and racing them down the track that Kenyon built. They probably could have done that the whole time.
Gavin is lucky to have so many great friends.
I am grateful that I only do parties every other year.


Kristine said...

you are the best party thrower. seriously! i am so impressed with your skills.

nice work annie!

Heidi said...

Glad you guys had fun!!

Angie said...

You are amazing and I hope I grow up to be just like you. Even if the ideas are copied, it still takes a ton of time and effort and creativity to make it happen. Looks like Gavin had an awesome time! Your kids will always remember these awesome things you did for them. And parties every other year? GENIUS. I think I'll steal that idea from you!

The Loves said...

Kaige had so much fun. He has taken his car everywhere and it has entertained him for hours. I can't wait to see Gavin's projects. Great Party! He is such a cute kid.

Holly C M said...

I am so glad to see the pictures of that terrific party, since I couldn't be there in person.

Amy said...

My kids are now obsessed with lego's after Gavin's fun party. We went to my mom's yesterday to borrow her huge tupperware full of them. The kids have been playing non-stop, making houses, towns and loving every minute :)