Sunday, January 3, 2010

Coolest Mom Award

Everbody already knows that "Grandma Hottie" is pretty much the coolest mom/grandma ever.

This picture (thanks to jane?) was taken in Snow Canyon on Christmas Eve. It is our favorite spot to go. My mom made the COOLEST nativity costumes for each of the kids.
And she wrote a wonderful script. We love watching the kids act out the story of the Nativity out on the red rocks. We even get fellow hikers stopping by to watch the scene.
Quinn did not behave - she really just wanted her own part - so I ended up in the car with her.
My mom always knows how to make family gatherings great. She is a wealth of ideas and knowledge. She is a great problem solver. And she has an amazing testimony.
Plus, is the best cook and a really, really hard worker.


Holly C M said...

No, the coolest mom award goes to the moms of the next generation--you, Jen, Lindsey, and those yet to come. Or else our generation hasn't done their job.

And I feel so dumb I didn't think of including Quinn--LaD told us Quinn was a wandering sheep at the Porter party--would have been perfect up there on the red rock. I believe Quinn knew she was being left out. Seriously my bad. Sorry

Angie said...

Your mom sounds like the most amazing woman! No wonder, she'd have to be to have a daughter like you. You're following in her footsteps for sure.