Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Who's SIX Today!

Doesn't this picture of Quinn crack you up? She doesn't miss a thing. But this isn't about her.

So Gavin is SIX today. I can't believe it. He couldn't be happier to have a birthday and attention. His dinner of choice: Crepes. It is a favorite around here. Whip cream, nuttella, berries, syrup, powdered sugar. A total calorie FEST. So no cake today. We put the candles right into the crepe.

Gavin is definitely one of a kind. You all know that. But here are SIX Things that I LOVE about Gavin:
1) He is the family clown. He makes us all laugh.
2) He likes to be in charge. That isn't always great but it is part of him. He told us one night that he wants to be President of the World (forget the US). He also would like to be Bishop because he wants to pick everyone's jobs.
3) He is a homebody. He loves to be around family. He loves his friends too but he will usually not stay away too long before he comes back to check on us. He likes to know what is going on (part of being in charge).
4) He is really helpful (when he wants to be). He loves a good project. For Christmas, he got his own set of tools and he is always willing to get them for any task. He has also been very helpful on the details of the upcoming birthday party.
5) He is not shy. He will talk to anyone and tell them stories. Don't believe everything you hear. Yesterday he told the guy at Target, "My mom has a lot of money." Yep, I do.
6) He is the best buddy. I will be sad when he is at school all day. He talks my ear off and keeps my company. He has good ideas and loves to help.

Happy Birthday Gavin Crew!


Malea said...

What a chipper off the 'ol block. That nutella birthday cake is a divinely awesomely awesome idea.

Burts said...

YAY for Gavin! Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day cute boy!

Holly C M said...

Love that kid! When I talked to him yesterday he was a CUTE as he could be--grateful for the money, excited out of his head, and just wanted to chat with Grandma. Love that kid!

Christina said...

What an awesome kid. I love them all. And I know this isn't about her, but those pigtails are so cute.

Was at an old mission friend's house a couple of nights ago and we started talking about old companions. You had a friend in the Japan, Nagoya mission in 1997, right? When I was cracking up about all of your old besties that I run into all over the world, I totally forgot about her!

Rachel said...

Such fun photos! I'm sure he loved his lego party! Love the blog!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe he's six. I remember the first time I saw him when he was born. I had crocheted him that hat and it was WAAAAY too small. He's so cute and I love the stories you have about him.

Lindsey said...

P.S. You look so pretty in the candle picture.

Kristine said...

i love that boy! glad i got to help him celebrate a little bit.

katie m said...

I can't believe he's that old. I remember hearing about him as a newbornie!
Happy Birthday to him! and that's my hub's birthday as well. Jan 20th, whoop whoop!