Monday, January 28, 2008

Pres. Hinckley

Isn't he so great? I love this picture so much. For some strange reason, Pres. Hinckley's passing was so shocking to me. He is plenty old and he has prepared us that his time wouldn't be much longer but for some reason it seems like it just couldn't happen. I have memories of past prophets but Pres. Hinckley has really been the Prophet who has most influenced my life. I love him. I love his sense of humor and smile. I love his optimism and positive outlook on life. I love his encouragement to be better in all ways. I love his temple work. We are so blessed to have the 2nd temple in site of our home to be underway. I love that he travelled the world. I love that he was so capable with the media and making our church better understood throughout the world. I love his example to all of us. He recently spoke to us at the conference center for our regional conference. I was so excited to be able to take my children to hear him speak in person. I don't know if they will remember it that well, but I am glad that we took advantage of that opportunity. We have been so blessed to have him as our Prophet for so long.

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Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

you found us! i heard about your encounter with paris hilton... didn't she ask something along the lines of, "do skinny people get wet?" "of course not paris.....only fat people do!" some of our friends saw paris at the sundance festival one weekend. she was wearing this small dress in 20 degree weather outside. oh the the difficulties of being famous....

cute blog!!!