Friday, January 11, 2008

My Celine

So, one of my dear friends has been to Celine Dion - A New Day (the one in Vegas) eleven times. She was even there on the closing night of the show. She is an extreme Celine fan. She is even a member of Team Celine. Did you know that even existed?
I am not a huge Celine fan but I have been to that show and it is pretty dang amazing. Too bad it is no longer in Vegas or I would highly recommend a trip to Vegas to see the show. But, other than that I can't say I even own a Celine song.
This friend gets teased a lot for her how much she loves Celine. It has made me wonder - is there anything I love that much that I would go 11 times and pay that much money.
In December, while I was in St. George I dragged my sister with me to see Peter Breinhnolt, Ryan Shupe and Sam Payne. It was such a great concert. As I was sitting in the concert, I realized that I have easily been to Peter Breinholt and Ryan Shupe well over 11 times. (although not the same show or same location). Could that be my Celine? Of course it is only 10 bucks a show but maybe...
Then last Saturday, my husband surprised me by buying me and my daughter tickets to Wicked in LA. Seriously, I can't tell you how excited I was. It is a good thing the show was only 5 days away because I could hardly wait. I love that show so much that I really could go 11 times. (This was my third time). Of course, part of my excitement was the thrill of taking E. She loves the Wicked music so much and she is fascinated with the story. That is going to lead me to another blog post but as for now... I guess Wicked is my Celine. What is yours?


Juliann said...

i know, you're thinking, who comments at 3:30 in the morning? People who are up feeding babies, that's who. . . Annie, I'm proud to say that i've been there to at least a couple of those 11+ Peter concerts with you. and what a good question. . . who is my Celine? i'll have to think about it.

btw, kudos to kenyon on a fantastic surprise! how fun!

Jane said...

great question. love wicked more than words can describe. Many of the concerts I've been too were super duper fantastic amazing. But the one's that I could see over and over again are concerts like Death cab for Cutie where it is just this beautiful music and artists that want to present their music in a real way.

Holliann said...

Well Annie, you took me to my first and last Peter Breinholdt concert. It was so fun. Our good friend's brother is the pianist, and our other good friend does the sound, and we always get tickets, but I am always pregnant and very sick - maybe next year :)