Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

So today was a pretty laid back day. The kids mostly played around the house all day and then we ventured out in the deep snow to go to the Dinosaur Museum. At dinner, I said something about the holiday being over and time to go back to school. The kids all looked at me. Elise said, "holiday? today was a holiday?" Oops. I forgot to mention that to the kids. I guess they just thought it was a free day off.

It turned into such a great discussion about who Martin Luther King Jr. is and what he did and how he died. Elise tied it into the story of Elpheba and Glinda from Wicked. (I know, I know...another post about Wicked). But it is a fairly good comparison. The are people who are different than us all around us and who make a stand for what they believe in. Dr. King had such courage and obviously died for what he was fighting for. My kids were so interested in this idea that people weren't allowed to do things because of the way they looked. I was so grateful that it had never occurred to them.

Yesterday in Sunday School we were studying the Vision of the Tree of Life. I thought it was interesting to consider who is in the great and spacious building and the attitude of mocking and pointing fingers. Often, we think of those people as the "wicked" people, but I think we can look back find that we have participated in this sort of activity. We want to be Popular or just fit in with the crowd rather than moving forward defending what is right.

Something to think about!

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KCannonM said...

great thoughts! that sounds like such a neat disussion with your kids.