Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another blog about friendship

(While you are reading this - if you are interested - switch the music forward to "For Good" on my little music player.)
So here I go again... I had this all thought out in my head while I was sitting in Wicked and now it has left me but I will give it a shot. If you have not seen Wicked then by golly you had better find a way. LA, New York, Chicago, GO! In fact, I will go with you. They tell me it is coming to Salt Lake in 2009 but don't wait. Make that your 2nd time. The music, costumes, staging, performing are all fantastic. But really for me it is the story. If you haven't seen it then you might not understand the rest of the blog. For so long my daughter has only heard the music and she has done a pretty good job of piecing the story together but she asks me a million questions. She really wants to like Glinda - the blonde curly hair, and princess style is really her thing. She finds it really easy go by looks alone and not like Elpheba. We have talked so many times about what it means to popular and who is really the better person. I have tried to explain to her that being popular can be great but the danger of it is that you forget to think about others and you become very self-centered. She asked me one day if I always thought about others. I certainly don't and wish I did. I am working on that. Then she thought about it and said, "I think Grandma always thinks about others." (so cute - I am sure she doesn't either but she is working on that). After seeing the show, she really started to get it. It isn't about being popular but doing the right thing and having some courage. It is also about being a good friend.
I must be on some friendship kick because Kite Runner, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and now Wicked. They all tell such powerful stories of the friendships between two people - How they developed, the problems they faced and issues of loyalty and trust. There must be some deep issue I am dealing with and I don't even know it.
I do know that I am super blessed to have such amazing friends. I think maybe part of my little friendship kick has been the season. I love Christmas card season. I have so many friends that I only get to really stay in touch with through these letters. I love this connection.

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