Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Ever GIVEAWAY!!

I am so excited. For several reasons. And you should be too. Because I think you have a really good chance of actually winning since I don't have nearly the readership of someone like Pioneer Woman. She gives away really amazing things but so many people enter it is pretty impossible.

This is not a Kitchenaid or a Canon Rebel. But I am pretty excited about it.

My mom recently completed and published her first book.
Elaine Cannon
She has worked so hard on it and it turned out amazing.

The book is Love's Banner--Memories of the Life of Elaine Cannon. If you don't win, you can get it here. Or you can check out the Facebook page here. It would make a great mother's day gift.

During my freshman year of college, I went to Salt Lake City to my Grandma Cannon's. She lived in this perfect place on 13th East and South Temple. I LOVED visiting her and her home. It was always beautifully decorated (mostly all white) and so clean. She had these glass doorknobs that looked like huge jewels. I used to think she was so rich. She wasn't ever rich. But she cared about lovely things and found ways to create a beautiful space. Anyway, I had a great weekend with her and when I got back to the dorms, my dorm mother asked me if it was always a spiritual experience to be with her. I thought that was so funny. I knew that my Grandma had a reputation but to me she was my grandma. She loved to make a party out of any gathering. She enjoyed watching movies and great food. She was really the ultimate host. But in truth, I actually loved that she also brought the Spirit with her and always had wise counsel for me.

(side note - I saved my money and bought this sweater at the Bennetton. Remember that place. I thought it was the cutest sweater ever. Why did I buy such a ginormous size? And I really loved my hair short. But, I must say, while I am lacking in some style - my grandma Elaine Cannon never lacked for great taste in clothes. She was always a fashion statement and knew all the latest trends. She was once a writer for Seventeen and put on many fashion shows in Salt Lake back in the day).

Elaine Cannon is one of the great women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Maybe some of you (many of you) are too young to remember her. She has written many books. She served as the General Young Women's President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1978-1984. You might be surprised to learn all of the ways she contributed to the current programs - particularly the Young Women's program - of the church. SI have loved reading the book because there has been so much that I didn't know about her many responsibilities.

Of course I love the book because it is about someone I love. But I think most women will love reading this book. It is more than a life of history - rather a collection of stories and experiences and memories that molded her into Elaine Cannon. She was a strong, capable woman. Her life was filled with struggles - like everyone - but she had a joyful, positive spirit about her and a commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. She believed in service. It was her focus in life. And for all women - I think she is an inspiration.

I get to giveaway a copy of this book. I will select the winner randomly.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment with your name (and if I don't know you - a way to contact you).
  • Also, leave a story, memory, or thought about Elaine Cannon. If you are too young to remember her, ask your mom or grandma or aunts. Or Google it. 
  • Deadline for entries - March 31st at Noon.


Meagan said...

I saw that your mom finished it! So exciting!

meaganbriggs3 at gmail dot com

Meagan said...

I never knew your grandma, but seriously, my Mom has talked about her so much ever since I met Jane and Kristine for the first time. I told my Mom that Holly is a Cannon, and she made the connection. My mom was always impressed by her addresses in conference and the words that she spoke. Every time I see a quote from her I just smile, because I think about the wonderful women that have followed her; like my best friends and her fabulous sisters :-)

Malea said...

I think a quote I heard from her once, "Coping is contagious", has helped me many a times. Life is always filled with wonderful, even if the wonderful is surrounded by the hard things. She had a way in her speaking and writing that felt so natural, blending her own experiences with the gospel. I'd love to get this book for free. If I don't 'tho, I'm sure I'll be buying it soon enough. I just love'a your grandma:)

Mindy said...

I read her books when I was younger, I can't tell you how much I would enjoy reading it will I spend the next six weeks in bed. :). Is it ok, that I am playing my trump card?

Janna said...
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Janna said...

Too bad I already bought 3 of them. Another would be nice (for myself), since the others are gifts...
Anyway, I remember your grandmother being released from her calling and feeling disappointed, because I was almost 12 and old enough to enter the Young Women program.

Courtney said...

Okay- I never comment, I know, but I still read, still love to catch up on you. I hardly ever try for giveaways, but you tempted me with the idea that I might have a chance. What sticks out to me about your grandma is you telling me how "normal" she also was and your memories of going out to eat with her. That gives me hope because I often feel very normal.

Karyna said... I didn't know her by name but am certain I've heard quotes from her and would be DELIGHTED to get to read her book. It sounds very inspirational and insightful. Hope I win :) Karyna

Auburn said...

I never comment - I just read you :o)

I know your parents, and we met at their house once in Seattle.

Anywho - what a fun giveaway!

I don't have a memory of your grandma, but I have many GREAT memories of your mother. I'm sure much of who Holly is comes from your grandma, and your mother is AMAZING!!

Angie said...

I would love a copy! I just did a little researchand found out that it was during her time as general YW pres that they started having YW meetings on Sunday and they started the yearly general YW meeting as part of conference. Both things I just loved growing up with in the YW program! I would love to learn more about her life.

Holly C M said...

I don't need to be in the drawing, but as I was sitting here at my computer this morning, I suddenly had a flood of memories of waking up early as a little tiny girl, wandering around to find my mother, and she was ALWAYS at the typewriter plunking out her daily column for teenagers in the Deseret News. She would sometimes let me sit on her lap for a moment, and sometimes she'd let me draw on a big roll of paper (triple layer so everything she typed was copied 3 x). Later in the morning we would drive downtown and deliver the column to the editor's desk. I even went with her in my pajamas on occasion, because she had "a million things to do" and sometimes we just had to go 'as is' to meet the deadline. That night, when the paper was delivered, we would all look for Mom's column and see it in print, and often there were photographs included of the coolest teenagers in the city.

Sara said...

she sounds like an amazing woman, and i would LOVE to read the book!

Alissa said...

"Never forget that you have the spark of the divine in you. Whatever you do or don't do won't change this fact."

love that quote. Brilliant.

If I win, I only want it if it is delivered in person, preferably over food :)

Erin S. said...

oooo oooo me me! I remember reading that it was her idea to have girls release value-colored balloons at some YW function. Our stake did that and it was a very memorable moment for me as a YW, It was maybe not so environmentally friendly :), but it was visually spectacular!

Heidi said...

I have a special love for anyone that served in the YW general presidency, as my aunt did too ~ although I think a couple of years after your grandma. Anyway, how neat that your mom wrote a book!

~ Heidi Lawson