Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to Life

So Kenyon is back from his little stay at the hospital. I am back at doing this mom thing alone. Whenever my mom leaves I have a day or so of panic where I can't seem to remember how to do all this alone. I am sure it will come back to me but last night was a disaster. And I didn't even have to make dinner. Not pretty.

Anyway back to Kenyon.

Do you want to see a picture? Careful. It is kind of scary.
30ish staples. 18 centimeters. It makes my stomach turn. Scary. But so amazing too. Because he is walking (with a walker and really slow) and bending and straightening better than before. Painful but he can do it.

For a little Sunday fun, the kids and I found this website and performed our own virtual total knee replacement.

Check it out here.

We are very grateful for modern medicine, great physical therapists, Kenyon's job which he is back doing thanks to technology - he doesn't have to leave his bed, visitors, yummy food, help with the kids, and especially my Mom (and my Dad for letting her come).

There are still several weeks ahead of recovery but we are on our way.


Jane said...

OH BOY!!!! That is a looooong cut. I'm so happy for him though...finally he can be on the upswing--though painful and still a process. Let me know if I can swing by after work sometime and help you out.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Oh, ouch! That is a major wound. I'm so sorry you are back at it without your mom. We are here to help, just holler :)

em said...

That scar looks just like the virtual one. It looks itchy too. i am glad he his making so much progress. Sure do love you guys.

Kristine said...

wow! that is intense. lots of staples!! i looved the virtual knee replacement..i just spent like 30 minutes at work doing that. ..don't tell my boss.

hope recovery continues to go smooth!

and hope you can survive.

Sara said...

oh my gosh. that picture is crazy! we need to come see you guys soon. do you know i have never been to your house? it's a shame :)

Lynsie said...

Annie we love you and hope all is well! We have you guys in our prayers!

Lindsey said...

Benson and I are dying from this picture. Our stomachs hurt. That is so sad. Poor Kenyon. So glad he can do things now though.