Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Call Me Lt. Dan

That's what Kenyon says.

He has new legs. Well not really. New knees.

Surgery went as well as we hoped and prayed. They were able to do both knees. Hooray. But there is no question that doing two knees at once is not easy. He has some difficult recovery ahead of him. However, the doctors discovered (we already knew this) that his knees were a disaster. So much damage. He couldn't walk anyway so we might as well be struggling to walk on new knees.

Today the physical therapist got him out of bed and he was actually able to shuffle a ways down the hall. Tomorrow we take the braces off and he gets to try bending his knees. He definitely has pain and discomfort but seems to be tolerating it all well - as long as he is well medicated, of course.

We are hoping that he can come home Saturday. We'll see how things go.

Making that drive up to the University hospital and riding the elevator up past the bone marrow transplant unit is a little too much. I don't even really want to remember those days of going there day after day for weeks on end. I am just really grateful that this stay is not nearly as long. Thank you!

Maybe I can take a picture tomorrow. That might be fun or scary. We'll see...


Erin S. said...

This made me laugh! I have a funny/frightening mental picture of Kenyon lashed to a shrimping boat in the middle of a hurricane, having an important epiphany. Kenyon is awesome. I hope his recovery goes quickly.

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad things went as well as they could. We're still praying the recovery will go well too and that he can walk and do other activities pain free. I can't imagine what it feels like to go to the same place where he went through all the bone marrow transplant stuff. I got sick to my stomach driving past primary children's a whole year after Cannon stayed there and it was only for a week with RSV! You went through way worse. Good luck with the recovery. Wish we were closer to help you out.