Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Watched Pot Never Boils

I am so impatient. And this whole knee thing taking 3 years is not my cup of tea. But, really if you have been around Kenyon lately, you can tell that it is not a good thing. He can't walk. The pain has increased and his ability to get around has decreased. So a couple of week ago, I called back up to the doctor and said "you need to do something." I really think he would be in a wheelchair by the end of the year if this isn't dealt with.
A diagram of arthroscopic knee surgery picture source
Yesterday we finally got in.  And it is a potentially long story. If you want the short answer - he is having his knee scoped next Wednesday. It is an outpatient surgery but his leg will be immobilized for about a week and then he starts therapy. The right knee first and later the left. The goal is to clean out all the inflammation and scar tissue and try to help the knee heal. But ultimately we are still talking years to regrow new bone.

Longer story -he also has scoliosis in the lower part of his back because his right leg is an INCH shorter than the left. How did I not notice that? It really is so obvious. That problem has existed long before cancer but does not help the pain and condition of his knee. So we will be seeing another guy to get started on taking care of that - 1st step is to get a heel insert made.

The doc also wants a bone density scan of his knees so that we have a baseline to measure progress. I don't know why that wasn't done a long time ago. Seems kind of obvious. But here's the catch. Nobody seems to do that scan. They typically only scan hips for bone density. So we did that but the density is fine there. I am sure the doc will figure it out because he has had it prescribed before but we'll see.

So...we continue on or improve actually the diet. He really needs to have a great diet that promotes bone growth and is also anti-inflammatory. And try to get to a point where he is walking.

Carry on...


Jane said...

Thanks for the update. This is so frustrating I'm sure. I hope and pray it goes well on Wednesday. Kenyon is such a sport that I forget how SUPER annoying it must be every second for him to have this pain and discomfort.

em said...

ugh! Thinking about the knee pain I used to have gives me shivers... I can't even imagine his pain.
Eat lots of seeds, nuts and fish!
I hope the scope goes well and then can figure out how to help him.

Lindsey said...

What a nightmare. I'm so sorry Kenyon. Hopefully something is going to work out.

Malea said...

Is it Howard Reichman for the back? He's the best neurologist ever. I'm actually seeing him and will have some surgery to correct some scoliosis and many many...many other things:) I'm so sorry you need to be put through this stress right now. I really hope you can find a way to get through this thing and take some time off from the office of healing.

katie m said...

Bum-bum-bummer. Oh that does not sound like a spark of fun to deal with. Kenyon AND YOU really are modern day pioneers, Annie!! So strong.

LEt us know how it all goes. Please.