Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Knee Report

I wish I was better at describing all the details. It would probably be boring to most of you but I will give you the best recap that I can.

This is Dr. Rosenberg. Best knee surgeon in the country. He is the US Ski, Speed Skating, and Snowboarding Team Doc. And such a nice guy. It helps that long ago he was friends with my parents. He pretty much thinks they are perfect people (and they are). He thinks I look just like my mom so he decided that my nickname should be "deja vu."

He sat down in our room today before surgery and chatted our ear off about the whole "Elder Packer" talk and gay marriage. It was the most random pre-surgery conversation EVER. So funny. But that is all a side note.

Kenyon got his leg shaved and I wish I had pictures. Then they wheeled him off to surgery. An hour and a half later, Dr. Rosenberg came in to give me a report. He took lots of pictures that don't make a lot of sense to me but it showed all the scar tissue and inflammation. He cleaned out all the fluid and junk in there. The hope is that will help alleviate some pain and also give the bone a chance to grow back.

The bad news...(yes there is some). Part of the dead bone in his knee had already started to collapse. Which explains the INTENSE pain that he has been living with. Dr. Rosenberg said he couldn't believe he could get around with that collapse. So that means that what was supposed to be a fairly easy recovery is no longer. It is 4 weeks of NO weight bearing = crutches only. And it means he must be so careful to not do ANYTHING that would cause the bone to collapse any further.

It will get better but we are talking years till that day comes. We will gladly take the miracle route at this point but if not then less pain will be a welcome outcome.

Thanks for all the prayers and concern. Much appreciated.


Burts said...

I am glad it went well and I hope that Kenyon will be pain free soon! Heres a question though what were the Dr's opinions on Elder Packers talk? Just curious :)

Alissa said...

No fun. Hopefully the recovery will be swift. Here's praying for the miracle.

Shanna said...

That's good and bad. I hope it alleviates some of the pain. A month probably seems like an eternity at this point. We continue to pray for you and a miracle. You guys are awesome.