Friday, October 15, 2010

Horse Crazy

I took Gavin and Quinn to Thanksgiving Point Farm. And we were surprised to find out it was the Barnyard Boo. We beat most the crowd. Gavin LOVED the games, crafts, prizes, etc. But all Quinn wanted - the horse ride. That is why we went anyway. She LOVES horses (she says, "sies"). She was even patient and waited 15 minutes in line just to have her turn. I don't think she has ever been quite so happy in her life.

While she can be kind of tiring, she is so much fun. I love her excitement about life. She has mastered some amazing facial expressions and the art of acting to get things she wants. She is learning more and more words each day and staring to put them together. It requires a little deciphering but eventually we understand.


em said...

That is cute. i didn't recognize her from the back with those pig tails! Gavin is looking so big it's weird!

Lindsey said...

Gavin is looking so old and Quinn's hair! Super long!