Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Yet

We have had a month of busy Monday nights. So Family Home Evening has been mostly in the car while driving somewhere.

Tonight on the way home from the piano recital (Teague chose to wear a shark costume), I said, "We need a gospel message. Anyone?" Nothing very gospel-ish came up so Kenyon suggested we talk about Stake Conference. But I missed the whole thing chasing Quinn in the halls (can you tell that I really need Love and Logic again?). He asked the kids to retell a story about the oxen. Apparently one of the speakers told the story of a pioneer woman who had lost her oxen and her prayers were answered clearly. She knew where to find her oxen.

Kenyon asked what the lesson was from this talk. We had quite a variety of answers before we got to the real one. But then Kenyon explained to the kids that the speakers in conference were trying to teach that our prayers are answered - sometimes with a yes and sometimes a no. But he pointed out that the speakers missed the most common answer - "Not Yet." I replied that that might be my least favorite answer.

I wish I could remember quite how it went from there but Teague and Elise both made comments referring to Kenyon's knee. It was so interesting to listen to these kids describing the MANY prayers for Kenyon's recovery have resulted in "not yet" answers. Elise said "there must be some reason." The kids are so consistent to remember Kenyon and his knees in every prayer. I am grateful they have the faith and commitment to his healing.


Angie said...

Such a neat experience. Kids are so connected to the Spirit when they're young and they have such a simple yet profound understanding. Thanks for sharing!

em said...

The kids look so cute. They are awesome piano players too!
I am impressed with your kids. They are all so sweet, thoughtful and compassionate and I love being around them.

Kristine said...

cute pics. is elise 15 or what? sheesh! and i am so glad the shark costume lives on!

thanks for sharing that message. their faith, kenyons faith.. is such an example to me!
what sweet kids.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

This post made me laugh and cry! I think it's SO funny that Teague wore that costume to his piano recital. And, Elise is beautiful!
Then the rest of the post brought tears to my eyes. Not yet is definitely the worst answer. You have been so strong through all of this Kenyon stuff. You are amazing! Praying for some relief soon!!!

Malea said...

Great story. And a great reminder to give us a healthy perspective on life, (which is exactly what your kiddo's have through all of this)