Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So not into it this year. Sorry. My poor kids would love it if I really cared about costumes and the whole bit. It was pretty make shift. But luckily, they were still very happy and got WAY too much candy.

This was our first year with a kid at the neighborhood school so we have never done the school parties and parade deal. Wow. That is chaos. I watched hundreds of kids parade by and thought "what is our deal? we put our kids in goofy costumes and march them all over. Then we give them unheard of amounts of candy. Dumb."

Is that a bah humbug or what? Sorry.

I do love fall though and don't get me wrong - I do love a mini candy bar. And I really love those happy faces on my kids.
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Kristine said...

cute kids! i love the pics. esp. the one of quinn at the pumpkin patch. that smile!

and why dont i see gavin in a costume. did he refuse??

Angie said...

I think your kids look plenty happy with their Halloween, whether you are into the crazy detailed costumes or not! All they really need is a basic costume to wear and a whole bunch of candy, right? :)