Friday, November 5, 2010

Supernova Granola

Check out the new blog my sister started - and soon to be business. She will be selling her yummy, healthy granola. You might even be able to get some now if you ask.

I LOVE granola. And she has been working the recipe to perfection.

Her blog also has great ideas and info on being healthy. She knows and she practices what she preaches. Me on the other hand - I know stuff but I am not so good at implementing it. Especially when there are left over cupcakes on the counter. Danger.

My biggest problem - overcoming sugar addiction. Check out a very interesting article here at Goop. I thought I could do it today - no treats. But it was a totally insane day. And the candy corn and M &Ms were so easy to grab. LAME O!

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Chris, Amy and the girls said...

How cool is that? Fun to come up with your own recipes. I've never tried and don't think I could do it. I'll add her to my blog roll and I will definitely have to get some of that granola. I'm sorry your day was so horrible. We'll continue the prayers!