Thursday, November 4, 2010

Queen Quinn Turns 2

How did this happen? Our little sweet baby grew up to be a 2. And in a flash she will be 16. I'm scared. She is hilarious and trouble all in one. She is a sweet girl. We are so happy she is a part of our family. We pretty much want to squish her to pieces most the day. Sometimes because she is so cute we can't stand it and sometimes - well cause she is making us crazy. But that smile easily melts us.
I went with the owl theme for birthday. So many fun ideas out there.
Party Favors: Owl Bean Bags
and chocolate owl suckers  with flavored colored chocolates from Orson Gygi
Owl Cupcakes
Owl Pinata We thought it would be easy to break open. It is made out of cereal boxes and tape. Seriously easy but it would not give in. That thing had the life beat out of it and it held strong. So funny.
A true sugar fest for the Queen of Sweets - check out her tray.
We invited just a couple of her cute friends (that she talks about all the time) to join us for a little celebration. Boy, did she love all the attention.


Holly C M said...

Great collages--wonderful party. Wish I could have been there.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Hooray for Quinn! What a cute girl and a great party!

Kristine said...

man, that party looks like a BLAST! you are so good at this stuff. i love the theme. those cute bean bags!! and the pinata!!!! quinn is such a love. i miss her!

Lindsey said...

So cute. I wish I could be with QuinnE more. What a fun birthday theme too. Super cute.

gurrbonzo said...

Oh, that looks like such fun. What a sweetie. Move to Iowa so your two-year-old can play with ours, mmmkay?

Angie said...

Oh my gosh - you never cease to amaze me. This is such a cute theme and party! You are the funnest mom ever.

Christina said...

I read your post yesterday and then get this... I had a DREAM that I was at one of your awesome parties. It was a halloween one and it was amazing. The owls are adorable. I love those cupcakes.