Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Talented Relative

Kenyon's family is just chalk full of talent. And here is yet another cool one.

So he has a niece and niece in law who have a little custom invitation/announcement company. They do awesome stuff. Even Christmas cards (which I know some crazy person out there might already be thinking about that). They did the invites for THE wedding and it was also featured on Martha. BTW - have I ever told you that I LOVE letterpress. Really really love. that same niece-in-law just started another little company with really cute posters. Check it out!
I think this would make a great baby gift. Image of New Arrival

Too bad I can't get some of this talent for myself. 


Angie said...

I know, I wish I could soak up just a drop of Sara's talent. She is amazing!

Sara said...

thanks annie! :) you made my day!

Ross Co. said...

I'm the lucky one who gets to have her as a business partner ;)

Alissa said...

These are darling. I love the baby announcement. (Speaking of, did I tell you we're having a girl in February? Maybe I'll have to get me one... :)

Juliann said...

Oh how fun! Very cool. And I'm so glad you linked to all those photos of The Wedding. Holy Cow. Absolutely Beautiful. I've gone through them like four times just drooling.