Sunday, March 8, 2009

She Couldn't Handle it

So it is Stake Conference weekend. I know for some people it is a week off of church. I actually like Stake Conference. However, our stake does not broadcast to other buildings so it means you have to get their EARLY to get a seat and you will still be on the hard chairs in the back.

The thought of going early, by myself with 4 kids caused a little panic. Remember my last experience at Stake Conference? Plus, the potential sickness all around me stresses me out with the baby. Then what happens if I have to go out with Quinn. Could the 3 kids handle being left alone? I don't think so. How would we survive? Would Quinn get sick? I am anxious for the threat of RSV to be gone. A couple more weeks, I hope. Anyway, I decided that we wouldn't go. We would have primary at home.

Primary actually went quite well. We spent a little over an hour doing Sunday Stations. The kids really liked it. Their favorite part was doing fun activities on the computer. It is new feature on the Friend Magazine site. Check it out. It is the perfect Sunday computer solution. I also had them write letters to Kenyon about visiting the Draper Temple. We also watched Nephi and Laban (from the Liken the Scriptures series). It was a pretty good Sabbath day, I think.

My sisters came over for dinner and asked about church. The kids quickly responded that we didn't go to church. Shock! Kristine asked why and Elise said, "My mom couldn't handle it." Nice! Really? I didn't mean for them to get that message. But, I suppose it is true.

But, I am so sad that I missed out on the messages of Stake Conference. Anyone take notes?

I did get to attend the adult session on Saturday night. We were taught about self-reliance, repentance, and missionary work. Plenty for me to work on!


Christina said...

Nice. That is so funny! "My mom couldn't handle it." I am very proud of you for having primary at home. Thanks for the tip about the website, I had no idea.

Malea said...

I am sadly, one of those that "can't handle it as well". I sure, somehow, all of the activities you did eeked into their spirits. How could it not:)

Kristine said...

that was hilarious!

you are one awesome mom. i am so impressed and LUCKY to have you to look up to.

ps. dinner rocked last night!

Angie said...

hahaha, her response is killing me. you are so great to keep those kids busy and actually doing something churchy/productive all day. I hope i can be a mom like you someday!

Steve and Dayna said...

"my mom couldn't handle it"- hahaha that is too funny!! can i please join you when its our stake conference? sounds like FUN and still spiritually educational- way to go!

hOLLIANN said...

You are such a good mom. I would have given up before I even got started, and it wouldn't have ended in would have ended in Nintendo for the boys, and a nap for me! Power to you miss annie!

Juliann said...

Tee hee. Way to call it, E!